Cote d’Azure e-bike

Unicogo Special Edition


Très chic très smart

The crystalline blue sea, worldly life, the art of accueil, good food.
The French Riviera or as the French call it Cote d'Azure, is a must and has always been synonymous with fashion and elegance.
As in Magic in the Moonlight by the great Woody Allen, the starry sky lights up the nights, giving the French Riviera an indescribable charm, the same charm that we have enclosed in the unique design of our e-bike, capable of evoking the authentic identity of the azuréens . In co-branding with Italmoto, Unicoenergia dedicates 100 exclusive pieces inspired by the iconic French Coast, which with its breathtaking landscapes and blue sea, has enchanted the whole world.

Smart ignition

Smart E-Key for electric ignition. Emergency E-Key for electric ignition from smartphones.

Everything under control

Sound alarm for detecting unauthorized movements.
Blackbox for real time geolocation, smart alarm, electronic immobilizer.
Encrypted data retenction for 12 months, with data destruction every twelve months.

you have to request the quote.


Technical specifications

Battery: LG/Samsung lithium from 187 WH, 48V/14Ah
Autonomy: up to 60 km
Protection: IP55/IP54
Charging cycle: of 4 hours 1000 charging cycles.
Motor: Bafang brushless
Power: 250/500W
Gearbox: Shimano® 7 speed.
Brakes: Hydraulic activation disc brakes.
Display: Color LCD display


Power adjustment, On / Off, battery level, PAS adjustment, speedometer and odometer
Units in box: 1