The future of mobility is electric.

Unicoenergia’s eMobility division was born from the new needs of the market, a young, dynamic reality, committed to the research and development of innovations, which provides users with a new way of experiencing everyday mobility, developing an extensive network of charging infrastructures. The company's green attitude drives the ambitious project of developing a charging corridor that crosses the entire Italian territory, in order to create a strategic charging path that makes electric mobility concrete over long distances and not only on urban routes. The charging points of the circuit are located in public access facilities. The charging infrastructures have a very simple and intuitive interface and can be activated via RFID card or through a dedicated APP. A line of products designed for all the needs of the new mobility: from domestic to superfast solutions.

Uninacorse Teams

Since 2014 the laboratory fully expresses the philosophy of the company, which invests in the young people of the Faculty of Engineering of Federico II, Universuty of Naples, who represent the Unina Teams. Electric and combustion racing prototypes and vehicle charging technologies are developed here. Some of them were recruited by major car manufacturers (Maserati-Mercedes-Ferrari). In the laboratory we develop electronic boards - management software - mechanical components - principles for autonomous driving for the growth of e-mobility.

The UnicoGO research laboratories are located at the Business Center of Naples.

The Minister of the Universitỳ
On. Gaetano Manfredi
visiting.In the presence of the more than 100 engineers they represent the lab. 


The team of mechanical, computer, electronic and management engineers
at work in the laboratory


Electric prototype participating in the Formula SAE. 


Electronic card for charging station. 

Our best costumers and partners

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